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PSAK 74 Solution

Chase Progress with Hamilton:

Leading Solution for PSAK 74!

PSAK 74 is an accounting reporting standard for Insurance Contracts in Indonesia. It outlines principles and procedures for measuring, presenting, and disclosing information related to insurance contracts. This guidance ensures transparency, consistency, and improved financial information for stakeholders, including shareholders, policyholders, and regulators, facilitating more accurate and effective decision-making.

PSAK 74 Implementation

Insurance Contract Chain

The process that occurs from the beginning to the end of an insurance contract, involving various stages starting from policy offers and acceptance to claims and final settlement.

The 17-Step Model

A hierarchical process consisting of 17 steps in implementing PSAK 74 for insurance contracts. This model helps insurance companies in preparing financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting standards.

Predictive Accounting Feature

The ability of an accounting system to use data analysis and predictive techniques to estimate future financial results and provide deeper insights in decision-making.

Hamilton as Sub-Ledger System

Hamilton can manage and record detailed financial transactions that occur in a company, facilitating financial reporting and efficient financial analysis.

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Hamilton has been prepared in advance according to the requirements of PSAK 74, so you can easily manage and prepare your company's financial reports accurately and in compliance with the applicable standards. Discover the best solution to address accounting issues and enhance your business credibility with Hamilton from ISID Indonesia. There's no need to worry about configuring it, as Hamilton is ready to use, ensuring your company's compliance with PSAK 74.

Benefit of Implementing Hamilton


Preconfigured Solution for PSAK 71/72/73/74.


Has been implemented in several companies in Indonesia and Overseas. For Insurance, Heksa Insurance.


Has feature for Predictive Accounting.


Flexibility in License scheme :

- Perpetual Model

- Subscription Model – Monthly base

Timeframe Implementation with Hamilton

Timeframe Implementation with Hamilton.png
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