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Webinar ERAI for Bank and Finance

​ERAI (E-Faktur Reporting Automation ISID) is one of digital transformation form that can be the best solution for your tax invoices reporting problems. The large number of tax invoices causes employees to do repetitive and time-consuming work. A solution for better process is needed.

ERAI is fast, accurate, and no human error because ERAI use robots to extract data from Tax Invoice and report them to DJP using the eFaktur application. So if you use ERAI, you can reduce effort, time, and cut operational cost. An example, if there are 10 thousand tax invoices in a month, it required 5 people and 2 week

s to do tax invoces reporting manually. But if we use ERAI, we just need 1-2 hours, with one button click automatic process, without supervision to do tax invoices reporting.

ISID Indonesia will present online webinar about ERAI for Bank and Finance. The webinar will be held on: ​ Wednesday, 18 May 2022 10:00 - 11:00 WIB Via Zoom

If you interested and want to know more about ERAI, let’s join with our webinar by click registration button below.

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