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Based on SEOJK No.3/SEOJK.03/2021, OJK allows stakeholders in information technology-based lending and borrowing services or fintech peer to peer lending to report their customer data.

PT ISID Indonesia is an IT consultant who already have many experience in the financial industry and we have solution which can handle SLIK Reporting to OJK. We offer a web based application which is easy and very efficient to use, the MALEO SLIK ONLINE. Built using advanced technology, MALEO SLIK Online offers functions and features to fulfill SLIK reporting in an easy and quick way. MALEO SLIK system has built-in functions and features to fulfill SLIK reporting needs.



Built using advanced technology, MALEO SLIK offers functions and features to fulfill SLIK reporting in an easy and quick way.

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why Maleo SLIK?

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Simple Process
Send your data in defined format to MALEO SLIK and get result to be submitted to OJK.

MALEO SLIK has been used in Top 10 Multi Finance Companies in Indonesia.

Accurately & Timely
Provide data validation feature before sending the data to regulator. With this feature, you can avoid penalty from OJK for wrong data.

Web Based
Using secure web technologies, MALEO SLIK enable multiple user access.

Personalize the application to your company profile, logo, and color theme.

Features Maleo SLIK

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User Management

Manage users manually or synchronize with Windows Active Directory.


Reference Management

Manage reference being used in reports.

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Preliminary Data Prep

Data replacement and cleansing.

Group Management.png

Group Management

Create groups for users and manage access permission for each group.

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Data Source

Setup data source to map.

Support connectivity to SQL Server/Oracle/CSV file format.


Report Management

Data Feeding, segment list, view report, data validation, data correction, download excel, and download text file.

Application Setting.png

Application Setting

Profile and theme settings, master segment, manage header and text file format, map segments to data source with drag and drop UI.

Job Management.jpg

Job Management

Create job to run data feeding with a defined schedule.


Partial Data Fixing

Enables user to insert partial data which are not passed OJK validation and then view the data in order to do the correction.

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