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Lamp (Leasing and Finance Advanced Management Portal)

Lamp is an ideal package solution for leasing and financial business. Lamp offers packaged solution systems to meet  operational needs in various areas including Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Maintenance Lease, Hire Purchase Loan, Consumer Finance Factoring.

What is Lamp?

Lamp is a comprehensive solution for leasing and financial business. Lamp is an integrated financial suite tailored for your business. Lamp has the capability to fit the actual operation which is such a specific requirement on your business.


System Functionality of Lamp

Lamp covers the most of leasing, hire puchase, factoring and other financial business operations, such as quotation, application/approval process, contract management, disbursement, repayment, accounting report, cash flow management, and interface to banks. It is also very flexible for existing external systems. Lamp can be connected to other systems to automate your process.


Features of Lamp


Flexible Lease and Finance Contract management

Lamp provides flexibility to leasing firms. It enables leasing firms easily support various financing schemes, such as floating rate applicable contract, unbalance repayment contract and flexible interest calculation methods, or country specific contract schemes


Support Global Requirements

With its flexible architecture, Lamp can support country specific requirements usually coming from local government policies and local business practices.


Functionality for management layer

Lamp provides various managerial functions. For example, Lamp provides borrowing management functions so that CFO can easily see their cash flow and projection. Lamp also provides functionalities for application/approval process, client documentation management, aging schedule summary, ALM data, banking system I/F etc.


Comply with Corporate governance policies

Lamp can easily incorporate each firm’s global and local corporate governance policies, such as approval policies, risk management, and system audit. Many company tend to have different global and local policies. Lamp’s flexible functionalities enable leasing firms to support both requirements in one system.


Access through web

Using secure WEB technologies, Lamp provides automated and centralized solutions to multi-location companies enabling access from branch offices and external partners. It lowers leasing firm's communication and transaction costs in the geographically scattered business environment.

Lamp Consumer Finance

LAMP Consumer Finance is an integrated system to support financing activities for purchasing consumer goods (non-productive) such as electronics, personal vehicles, household appliances, etc.

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