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Intelligent Document Processing for the Growth of Your Financial Business!

FAAS is an Artificial Intelligence-based Intelligent Document Processing solution used to assist financial institutions in extracting information from bank statements for the purpose of loan approval and monitoring, as well as helping financial institutions grow and serve SME/MSME customers.

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Functions in FAAS


Create Insight
This function allows you to create new insight by uploading bank statements, input general information and related parties.


View Report and Re-report
This function allows you to view FAAS bank statement insights and redo report if needed.


View Consolidation and Reconsolidation
This function allows you to view consolidation analysis for the bank statements you uploaded for and insight and edit categories for each transaction


Fraud and Risk Indicator

  • Manipulated (fake) indicator: regular things in banking that shouldn’t happen (according to regulation)

  • Fraudulance indicator: customer negative behaviour in bank statement

  • Risk indicator: all things related to loans

Fraudulence and Risk Indicator

With FAAS, you protect your business with artificial intelligence to detect negative customer behavior in bank statements and monitor all aspects related to loans. Safer with FAAS!

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Fraudulence Indicator

Customer Negative Behavior In Bank Statement

  1. Clearing rejection and fees

  2. Payment of fines or penalties

  3. Delinquent Charge

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Risk Indicator

All things related to loans

  1. Loan usage (with negative balance indication)

  2. Loan disbursement

  3. Loan interest payments

  4. Principal payment of the loan

  5. Payment of loan-related fees (eg: premi, fees, notary fees, BG fees)


Enhance the efficiency and security of your business with FAAS, the latest solution for financial document processing. Discover the ease of gaining accurate insights and sustainable growth. Join us in achieving greater financial success with FAAS!

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