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E-Faktur Reporting Automation ISID (ERAI)

Reporting Tax Invoice to DJP

The process of reporting incoming and outgoing tax invoice through the eFaktur application from DJP is a routine job that requires time and effort, especially if there are a large number of incoming Tax Invoices that need to be processed every month.

PT ISID Indonesia provides a fast, cheap and easy solution that allows large tax invoices that previously took several weeks to be reported within 1-2 hours automatically, with just one button click, no effort at all.

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Real Case

One of our clients, a manufacturing company in Indonesia reported 5,000 tax invoices every month. Before they used ERAI, they needed 5 people in 2 days to do the reporting activities until submited to DJP. But now, after they used ERAI, they only need 1 person with 1 click and the robot will be finished in less than 1 hour.

Benefits of ERAI


Fast, accurate and no human error.

Using robots to extract data from Tax Invoice and report them to DJP using the eFaktur application.


Reduce effort and time, cut operational cost.

Several week effort reduced to just 1-2 hours, with one button click automatic process,without supervision


Frees you from manual and repetitive tasks.

So, you can focus on more critical tasks and increasing overall productivity.


Fast implementation time.

With UiPath tools that use drag and drop, it makes it easy for developers (and business users) to quickly automate processes within 2-4 weeks.


How ERAI help automate report tax invoices process?

ERAI will read data  tax invoices from QR Code. So, the data is real-time and more accurate. ERAI allows for reduced manpower and time. So, it will help to cut your operational costs.

How to execute small starter pack?

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