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Anti Money Laundering

Money laundering means the ways in which criminals change “dirty” money and other asset into “clean” money or assets that have no obvious links to their criminal origin.

To identify customer involve in money laundering and financing of terrorism, Need Watch List feature in Anti Money Laundering (AML) System.

Features for IT Governance

  • Login

Only User with username & password could access this system

  • User Management

Show list of User, Add New User, Edit User, Activate or Deactivate User

  • Roles Management

Show list of User roles in the system

  • Log Activity

Show date and time of all activities happened from All user, such as Login, Upload File, Update Setting

The benefit using AML – Watch List System :

  • Centralize watch list data from different institution with different file format

  • Enrich watch list data from different institution

  • Faster screening customer data from different institution. No need to open one by one watch list file from different institution

  • Easy to compare updated data with previous data. Highlighted by system.

  • Easy integration with other system

  • Upload watch list data using batch processing. So, user don’t have to waiting the system. System will notify user if upload process done.

  • Has some features for IT Governance / IT Audit.

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