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You keep on running, and
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Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID) started in 1975 as a joint venture between Dentsu Inc., and the US-based General Electric Company. For more than 40 years since its founding, ISID has provided a variety of IT solutions to resolve issues faced by customers and society.

Our corporate group has overseas operations in three continents in four different regions (Unites States, Europe, China and South East Asia) allowing us to provide information technology solutions tailored to the different legal regulations and business customs of each regions with Japan-quality services and local support capabilities.

Furthermore, through our ties with the Dentsu overseas network, ISID provides information technology solutions such as digital marketing and Customer Relations Management ("CRM") that take advantage of aggregate capabilities of Dentsu Group.

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of client businesses, our knack for deriving optimal solutions using cutting-edge technologies, and our ability to provide human resources that support them.

And as a part of ISID’s global network's effort in providing Indonesia's growing markets to support their information technology implementations, ISID Indonesia was established in 2013. From then on we have already serves many customers in wide-area of businesses with our solutions: from financial solution for our customers in financial institution to enterprise and engineering solutions for our customers in manufacturing and other areas.

To complete our resource in serving our growing customers, In September 2021, ISID Indonesia merged with Ebiz Cipta Solusi , which has been operating in Indonesia for over 18 years. We serve a growing customer base.

With new recently updated ISID Group corporate philosophy that set for new vision - Humanology for the future: to bring people and technology together to shape the future; we will continue meeting client expectations, remaining a trusted presence supporting clients and society.

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